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Brentwood Forest Park

Brentwood Forest Park can help or hurt you in a hurry, depending on your game.

The field:

In the spirit of Fenway, Brentwood Forest Park (Est. 2005) is similar in layout and quicky building its own legacy. The grey monster in left beckons with its close proximity, although extra bases are only achieved with very high shots due to recent ground rule changes (see below). A well hit shot to the deep center triangle may cause fans to become part of the action if they do not keep their wits about them. A 4' home run wall runs from the base of the center field pear tree, out to the foul pole in right.


April 2006: 12' tree was moved back and out of the field of play, allowing home plate to be relocated 12' south.

July 2006: 25' pine tree will be removed on the right field line at the wall, extending the field of play in both the air and to the wall.

November 2006: Construction of the press box will begin high above and behind home plate in the giant oak.

Field Rules:

Left Field, Left of the Bulkhead:

  • all hits against the monster up to the top of the first roof line are singles
  • all hits above the first roof line/against the second wall (19' or higher) are ground rule doubles
  • all hits on or above the second shingled roof are home runs (22' or higher)

Past Right Edge of the Bulkhead:

  • all hits against the monster up to the top of the first roof line, are doubles
  • all hits above the first roof line (against the second wall or higher) are home runs

Center Field:

  • all hits that reach the first step or higher of the triangle porch are home runs
  • any ball that reaches the center field pear tree in the air is a ground rule double
  • any ball that hits the center field pear tree, but lands on the triangle porch, against the screened in porch, on the screened-in porch roof or lands on beyond the right field wall, is a home run.

Right Field:

  • must clear the HR wall. Any plays made on fly balls on or over the wall (that do not hit any obstructions) will be called outs, if caught cleanly.


  • Foul Lines are marked by hoses on both sides of the infield
  • right field foul pole is marked with a white stake
  • left field foul pole is the tall pine nearest to the house
  • there are no triples

STRIKE ZONE: under construction: Reviewing proposals from Kumho and Goodyear Tire Companies. Existing custom designed wooden backstop will house the new tire strike zone, (August 2006)

Layout, dimensions in paces:

  • distance to mound: 12
  • to area of play: Left 7, center 8, Right 8
  • to doubles line: Left: 14 paces out & above first roof line on wall, Center, 22 Right, 20
  • to HR in left: 19' out, 22' up, center, 28, right, 26


Fans have a variety of options from where they can enjoy the game including the bleachers in right, the triangle porch in center and the woods box seats along the first base line. For those looking for fast action, two seats may be reserved on a first come, first served basis on the stairs below the grey monster in left. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the screened-in porch offers a more comfortable environment in deep center.

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