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Chester Field

Chester Field is an exciting place to compete - anything can happen, and victory is often only an at-bat away.

Head Greenskeeper: Gus

Distinguishing Features

The two standout features at Chester Field are the short left field fence and the elevated pitchers' mound. The fence in left is 7' tall, but any ball hit solidly to left will be leaving the park.

The pitchers' mount is about 3' higher than the batter's box. Power pitchers will enjoy the mound tremendously.

When you play Chester, make a note of the rocks in play. Diving in the wrong place could be painful.

The clubhouse has a window directly behind the strike zone which is great for scouting new pitchers.


Chester Field made its debut in the bigs with the Fall Classic of 2005. It held up for two days of fantastic ball.

The Head Groundskeeper added a 7' fence in left for Opening Day in 2006, and brought the right field home run line in from the edge of the porch to a less biased distance.

The next planned upgrade for the Field is lights for night play, scheduled for August 2006.


See the figure for Chester's layout. All measurements are in paces unless otherwise noted.

Strike Zone

The strike zone in Chester is a BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A 32x11.50 R15 LT tire on a 5 gallon bucket. This means the zone is a circle 30" in diameter 15" off the ground. Any pitch which hits the tire first or goes through the center of the tire is a strike.

Field Rules

  • Any hit ball off or under the wall in left, in the air or on the ground, is a single.
  • Any hit ball over the wall in left is a home run.
  • There are no doubles or triples to left.
  • Any hit ball which hits a tree in fair territory is a home run.
  • The tree which anchors the leftmost side of the fence is the left field foul pole.
  • The orange bucket in right is the right field foul pole.
  • Any hit ball must leave the dirt box to be a fair ball.
  • Any ball which lands in fair territory after leaving the dirt box is a fair ball.
  • The double and home run lines in center and left are marked by hoses.
  • A two-strike foul tip which stays in the tire is strike three.

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