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Great Woods Park

Great Woods Park is the former home field of the Pike League.

Please Note: All play at Great Woods Park has been suspended because of high levels of poppycock emanating from the building at 860 Winter . More details are available in Pike League: The Epic Struggle .

Head Greenskeeper: Ed

Distinguishing Features:

Great Woods Park is like a seventies ballpark: symmetrical, big, bland, and surrounded by miles of parking lots.

There appears to be a history of ballplaying at the park, as there is a backstop on one end of the field. Strangely, though, a tree has been planted where the pitchers mound would have been so the backstop cannot be used.

Grass conditions are a major factor. If the grass is long or wet, expect hits to stop for singles all day long.


The park reopened in 2006 with a new layout. We are still investigating the prior history of the park.


See the figure for Great's layout. All distances are in paces unless otherwise noted.

Strike Zone:

The strike zone at the Woods is a folder circular tent on a beach chair. Approximate measurements are 36" diameter 24" off the ground. The eephus pitch will come in handy as the strike zone slopes backwards.

Field Rules:

  • The foul, double and home run lines are marked by cones.
  • A two-strike foul tip which stays on the tent is strike three.

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