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Parking Lot Park

Parking Lot Park is the home field of the Pike League.

Head Greenskeeper: Alex

Distinguishing Features:

Parking Lot Park is an dream within a nightmare within a dream, depending on what day it is.

The most distinguishing feature is the Great Wall, a 15' high wall that is 20 paces from the plate at the shortest point and extends out to deep center field.

On Tuesdays, the Great Wall is in left, while on Thursdays it is in right. Certain players have been know to show up only once a week, but that kind of behavior is generally discouraged.

Try not to leave your pitches up and in or you might catch a case of whiplash as they scream out of the park.


The park opened in 2006 after Great Woods Park was closed by a poppycock infestation.


See the figure for The Lot's layout. All distances are in paces unless otherwise noted.

Lefty Day is a mirror image of Righty Day.

Strike Zone:

The strike zone at the Lot is a folded circular tent on a beach chair. Approximate measurements are 36" diameter 24" off the ground. The eephus pitch will come in handy as the strike zone slopes backwards.

Field Rules:

  • The edge of the pavement marks the foul and doubles lines.
  • Hits off the wall past the opposite field doubles line are triples.
  • First and third (for foul purposes) were straight out from the pitcher's mound, now they are deeper, closer to where first and third would be (20060907).
  • A two-strike foul tip which stays on the tent is strike three.

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