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It Takes 9 Hours of Wiffle to Crown a New Champion

Chape, Cody and Glen took home the trophy with a 7-6 win over Gus, Jake, Scott and Clem.
Dirt Dog Days 2006 (12 photos in album)

It was a day of firsts at Chester. First game in uniform. First Sanctioned Event for Cody Utah. First game under the lights. The Chester Field grounds crew had been hard at work all week with the field preparation, and it showed. Infield grass high, branches trimmed in left, batter's box raked, and prime concessions. The table was set for a spectacular event.

The early game was an offensive showcase, as everyone got loose and tried to work their pitches. Glen was the man for the victors, providing two grand slams. Jake countered with a grand slam and the first double play in Championship League history, but it was not enough to take the game as they lost 16-12. Jake made a run at the defensive play of the season with a fully extended horizontal leap to his left on a line shot to left, but could not hold on for the out.

         1  2  3  4  5  6  7     R
CoChG    5  0  0  5  2  0  4    16  (approx)
GJCS     1  5  0  3  3  0  0    12  

The second game was then declared the provisional trophy game, and everyone got down to business. Scott put the home team ahead in the bottom of the first with a bases-loaded two-run double. Clem led off the bottom of the second with a homer to put the home team ahead 3-0. The visitors came back to get one in the top of the third to make it 3-1, but Scott struck again in the bottom of the 4th with a homer to deep right to make it 6-1.

Jake contracted labinitis after the forth inning and was forced to depart, and with the 6-1 lead the home team was cruising. Until the sixth. Scott took the mound at the start of the inning and ran into Chape On Fire. Chape poured in five runs and the game was tied. They went to Gus in the bullpenn, who was able to come out and get three straight outs, K, Fly, K, and kill the rally.

The home team could not convert in the bottom of the sixth against Glen, who had been pitching lights out all day long with few exceptions. In the top of the seventh, Clem called for the ball, a call which may be questioned for a long time in COTW Nation. Chape led off with a shot to deep left center to put the visitors up 7-6. In the bottom of the inning Gus was able to put the tying run on second base and get the home crowd on their feet, but could not convert.

         1  2  3  4  5  6  7     R
ChCoG    0  0  1  0  0  5  1     7
GJCS     2  1  0  3  0  0  0     6  

At that point, Chape, Cody and Glen were awarded the provisional trophy, which Chape getting the provisional Chape Trophy for Distinguished Play. Chape and Scott then took their leave, perhaps prematurely.

That left Cody and Glen versus Clem and Gus in the nightcap. The game started in daylight and it was not clear that it would be completed as there had not yet been a successful test of the new lighting system at Chester Field, 2400 Watts of Artificial Halogen Sunshine.

The final game started uneventfully as both teams got out to a 1-1 tie early. Clem had a homer. The game then settled in to a defensive match, with a break to light up the park after the third. The lighting system did the job, with enough light to cover the entire field and see the ball clearly; the dawn of a new era in Championship League play.

Things stayed in a defensive frame of mind until the 5th, when Gus took advantage of Chester's big right field to knock single after single to the tune of nine runs. Glen tried to marshall a rally in the top of the 6th by hitting the first night game homer ever, but that was not enough and the home team took the game 10-2.

         1  2  3  4  5  6  7     R
CG       1  0  0  0  0  1  0     2
CG       1  0  0  0  9  0  X    10  

Reflecting on the game, Gus and Clem realized that one of the overriding and fundamental rules of Championship League play is that whoever wins the last game of the event takes home the trophy. Granted, it was not clear that they would be able to get the night game in, but for the sake of the game they filed an official protest with the league over the premature removal of the trophy from the Sanctioned Event. The League immediately awared them The Championship In Trophy Absentia and has respectfully requested that the trophy be returned to the rightful champions. In an extension of the League's ruling, Gus has been awarded the Chape Trophy, which whill now be known as the Gus Trophy for Distinguished Play (GTDP).

An appeal is expected, but, again, it is for the good of the game. Within reason, longevity and commitment are virtues which should be commended accordingly.

Note further action and comment below. -ed.

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Last modified 2006-08-22 08:52 AM

Chape, Cody Utah and Glen remain rightful Champions

Posted by GAR at 2006-08-21 09:43 AM
The League unanimously and immediately confirmed an appeal from Chape, Cody and Glen was unnecessary as the notes posted in the game summary regarding the third game of the day being a 'championship game' were both unofficial and false. The League went on to say this was a desperate and futile attempt for victory and further prosecution, including possible suspension(s), may be handed down accordingly.
The League confirmed that game 2 was an official trophy game, due to the proceedings, participation of all players, and conclusion of, the award ceremony. The League also reviewed the Jumbotron tape which includes audio of Clem, Gus, Cody and Glen discussing that the third game would be an 'exhibition' match and may not even include 7 innings. (They ended up playing 6 todal).
The League requests that the COTW webmaster immediately revise verbiage in the game summary, including the removal of the word 'provisional'.

Chape, Cody Utah and Glen remain rightful Champions

Posted by GAR at 2006-08-21 12:59 PM
Excerpt from published Universal Rules, COTW website, line 2:

'Whoever wins the last sanctioned game of the event takes home the trophy'.
As the 3rd game of the day on 8/19/06 was an 'unsanctioned event', the trophy is rightfully held by Chape, Cody Utah and Glen.
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