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Nathan takes first Pike league game without founder Angus.

Good fielding and timely pitching pulls one out for Nathan.

The first inning went quickly with none of the participants scoring, Ed pitching to Alex, Nathan to Ed and Alex to Nathan.

In the second Nathan handled Alex, and Alex Ed but then... Nathan comes up big in the second inning of a three way game with Alex and Ed. Ed pitching after returning from the 6 week DL, and the question of whether he is healthy is far from put to rest. Loading the bases with a walk and two singles, Nathan tagged a double to get two runs in.

In the third Alex gets a walked in gift from Ed after loading the bases with singles. Then Nathan going away from his customary heat gave up a wall blast to Ed in the righties park. In the end that is all the runs that could be had as the Pike league continues on without founder Angus. Final score Nathan 2 Alex 1 Ed 1.

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