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Ed and Sarah dominate Alex and Nathan 12-2

Powered by 3 homers and good pitching Sarah and Ed power to a 12-2 win

Good pitching by Ed striking out the side after walking a couple and timely hitting got Ed and Sarah out to an early 2-0 lead. Sarah cruised on her pitching turn and then again with the bat made it 4-0 after two innings. Nathan and Alex scored to make it 4-1 before Ed hit two 2 run homers in the bottom of the 3rd to make the score 8-1. In the bottom of the forth Sarah after using a good eye to load the bases with walks tagged a 3-2 lob for a grand slam and a 12-1 lead in the blowout. Alex and Nathan scraped out a run in the top of the fifth to make the final 12-2

Created by hovey1127
Last modified 2007-08-09 07:34 AM

not much more I can say than job well done.

Posted by nathan at 2007-08-09 11:00 AM
A tip of the hat to sarah and ed for a dominating performance. I guess hell really *can* freeze over.

Tears from the mound

Posted by SAB at 2007-08-09 01:50 PM
Previous poster's backhanded compliment aside...Team Nathan/Alex just couldn't put it together on defense. That, in addition to the reintroduction of the one handed swing by Alex, which is a distant relative of his very favorite "After the Ball has Gone by" swing. Then, frustrated by his inability to get the ball over the plate, Nathan (once again) resorted to hitting the batters with angry pitches. I guess payback really is a know.
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