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First full team at the new Park end in tie.

A blistering comback by Alex and Nathan snatches a tie from defeat. 5-5 final.

It was a warm sunny day in the new park and with the wind blowing from third to right field, our resident lefty Nathan was hoping for a good day. The Beave is a hard packed dirt infield and a grassy outfield. Because we did not have the cones we drew lines in the dirt to mark the foul line and single using the grass as a double with no hits above that. Eddie and Sarah started off getting a run early, but nothing else for several innings as good fielding was the theme for the middle innings. By the fourth some inconsistent pitching played a part in the 2-1 lead for Ed and Sarah with not much happening in the hit department. In the seventh Ed worked Alex for a couple runs making the score 5-1 with one at bat left for Nathan/Alex. Control problems again reared its ugly head and a couple runs made it 5-3 with the last batter Nathan coming to the plate. He proceeded to smack a double with the bases loaded to tie the game before grounding out to end the game. Final 5-5 in a long game at "The Beave". Pictures next week.

Hoping Sarah is okay after pulling something in her leg on the final pitch of the game.

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Posted by alex at 2007-09-05 03:11 PM
It was actually Nathan's pitching that gave up the 3 runs to make it 5-1, but I'm not complaining, since he made good on the bases-juiced situation at the end!

The medical staff was pitifully slow in responding to Sarah "Schilling" Bingham's injury, so we still don't have word on her condition.


Posted by SAB at 2007-09-05 04:30 PM
As unarguably the weakest link in today's game, I tip my hat to Alex, who definitely showed up with some nice pitching. And, the new medication seems to be helping to suppress the urge to bat one-handed. A nod to Nathan as well for a good bat and for actually playing fair. Thankfully, he was good for a few tumbles to lighten the mood.

Injury Report:
S. Bingham - 09/05/07 - Currently listed on the 4-day disabled list


Posted by nathan at 2007-09-06 11:26 AM
Nadia Comaneci tumbles. I make valiant plays for the ball. The only thing tumbling yesterday was the other team's lead in the last inning.

MVP for this game goes to the statue for, true to form, statuing his way through many walks before starting the last inning rally with a well placed opposite field hit.
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