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Hit Or Be Hit: 4-2

Chape and Gus won the trophy game, 4-2, against Joe and Mark at the opening of New Fenway Park in New Boston.

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  • Published: 2007-08-20

Nathan wins a 7 inning three way game 3-2-0

Nathan in the late inning did just enough to pull out a win on the Lefty Park.

Ed and Sarah dominate Alex and Nathan 12-2

Powered by 3 homers and good pitching Sarah and Ed power to a 12-2 win

Powered by 2 HRs by Nathan cruise 6-1

Ed and Nathan beat Alex and Sarah 6-1 on a hot day in the parking lot.

Merrimack Smacks Rockingham: 8-4

Joe earned the All Star Game MVP with a performance unlike any seen before to lead Merrimack to victory over Rockingham, 8-4, in extra innings.

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  • Published: 2007-07-30

Prospect Park Blowout: 10-1-0

Jason scored ten in the last inning to finish off Gus and Jeremy, 10-1-0 at Prospect Park in Norwell.

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  • Published: 2007-07-27

Nathan takes first Pike league game without founder Angus.

Good fielding and timely pitching pulls one out for Nathan.

Getting Out Of A Jam: 5-4-0

Clem turned the tables in the last play of the game to hold onto victory over Gus and Benny at Briarhill, 5-4-0.

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  • Published: 2007-07-21

Le Grande Douleur: 18-8-8

Gus took the PEI Summer Ball title, beating Scott and Nick, 18-8-8 in the final game of the Bunkhouse League season at South Lake.

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  • Published: 2007-07-06

Nick Wins Bunkhouse League Pre-Season: 12-7-4

Nick showed his stalwart offensive skills to beat Scott and Gus, 12-7-4, in a pre-season PEI Summer Ball at South Lake Stadium.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2007-07-05

Pike League Puissance: 10-0

Angus and Nathan blasted Alex and Sarah, 10-0, on Righty Day at The Lot.

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  • Published: 2007-06-21

Teeter-Totter: 4-4

Angus and Sarah played Alex and Nathan to a 4-4 tie in a high energy game with 4 lead changes.

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  • Published: 2007-06-14

As Good As It Ever Was: 3-6-0

Angus brought the big bat to beat Nathan and Sarah, 3-6-0, in a three-side game on Righty Day at The Lot.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2007-05-31

Opening Day 2007: It's An Easy Game If You Play It Right

The Rockingham County Rehabs, Glen and Gus, beat Scott, Clem (and Joe) 8-4 in the title game on Saturday.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2007-05-14

Pygmalion's Galatea: 7-6

Alex, Sarah and Ed woke up to beat Nathan, Angus and Grant, 7-6, with a walk-off on Lefty Day at The Lot.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2007-05-10
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