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The Righties Strike Back

Peter and Angus got ahead early to beat Nathan and Alex, 10-4, on Lefty Day at The Lot.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-17

Walk-Off at The Lot

Angus, John, and Alex pushed a 3rd inning error past Nathan and Peter to walk off with the victory, 3-2.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-15

Pike League Lefty Day

It was Lefty Day Thursday and the lefties Scott and Nathan beat Angus, Alex and Dow 12-6 at The Lot.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-11

Pike League Opens Parking Lot Park

The new park gave the offensive numbers a lift as John and Dow beat Alex and Angus 7-6.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-09

Mano-a-mano at Chester Field

Gus beat Clem in the first two games, 10-1 and 9-5, but Clem won the last game 1-0.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-05

Plans For New Field Underway

The Pike League Commissioners have been scouting for a new field location and have a short list of candidates.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-04

Pike League: The Epic Struggle

Angus, Peter and Nathan played to a 3-0-1 score in the second inning of a three-side game before getting shut down.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-03

Pike League Shock and Awe

Steve, Aniket, Nathan and Ed destroyed Angus, Peter, Amar and Scott, 18-1 at the Woods.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-08-01

Clem Victorious at Putney

Joe, Gus and Clem played to a 0-1-3 Clem victory at the newly redesigned Putney Park.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-30

Pike League Wiffle School: 9-0

Ed, Angus, Alex, Scott and Amar took Aniket, Steve, Nathan, Peter and Sarah to school with a 9-0 lesson at the Woods.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-28

Pike League: Pitching and Defense

Nathan, Peter, Aniket and Steve lost to Angus, Alex, Amar and Ed, 4-0 at Great Woods Park.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-25

Pike League Marathon Ends in Tie

Alex, Scott, Nathan and Peter played to a 7-7 tie against Dow, Amar, Aniket, Angus and Steve in five innings at Great Woods.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-21

Pitching's the Difference at Great Woods

Angus, Ed, Nathan and Steve beat Dow, Peter, Scott, Aniket and Amar 2-0 in short innings.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-18

Clem Blasts Gus 11-1 at Briarhill

Clem had some big innings early to beat Gus 11-1 at Briarhill Stadium in short innings.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-16

Blowout in Thursday Pike League

Angus, Nathan, Peter and Dow beat Ed, Alex, Steve and Noel 10-1 in 4 innings at Great Woods Park.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2006-07-13
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