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The Championship of The World

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Putney 2009

Kyle and Gus upset Clem and Glen (and later Eli) at Putney.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2009-08-17

PEI Summer Ball 2009

Nick and Gus took home the Bunkhouse League title, going undefeated at South Lake Stadium.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2009-08-10

Brentwood 2009

Blistering COTW action returned to Brentwood Forest Park ...

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2009-07-07

Opening Day 2009

Opening Day 2009 was played at New Fenway.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2009-04-26

New Fenway Outlined by State-of-the-Art Warning Track

New Fenway field has been updated with a state-of-the-art warning track to improve the safety and playing conditions for athletes.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-07-21

PEI Summer Ball 2008

Nick took home two individual victories and Benny and Gus took the team title over Nick and Job in the second day of Bunkhouse League action.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-07-06

Scott Victorious in Bunkhouse League Opener

Scott hit the long balls in the start of the PEI Summer Ball season. The score was Benny, Scott, Gus: 7-8-5 in the inaugural game at Inland Field at Bothwell.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-07-05

Suspensions Announced After Review of GAR Incident

After an emergency meeting of the Championship League Board the league has handed down fines and a suspension unprecedented in its severity and duration.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-06-30

Blood on the Tracks

Jake, Chape, Clem and Gus took home the trophy in a grueling title match against GAR, Todd and Sean.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-06-29

Higher than an Eagle

Glen and Gus brought the trophy back to the Rock on Opening Day, beating Clem, Mondo and LBJ 5-2 in the evening game.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-05-04

Opening Day 2008 Schedule Set, Other Dates to Follow

Opening Day 2008 will be at Brentwood Forest Park on May 3rd.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2008-04-17

Establishing the Fastball: 4-0

Glen, Jake and Clem brought home the trophy by beating Chape, Nate, Gus and LBJ in one of the best pitched games in Championship League history.

  • Posted by adm
  • Published: 2007-10-29

First full team at the new Park end in tie.

A blistering comback by Alex and Nathan snatches a tie from defeat. 5-5 final.

3 2 1 Contact

3 2 1 Contact was a great show. I felt like it taught me a lot about honesty, humility, and science. As for todays game....

  • Posted by nathan
  • Published: 2007-08-29

Sarah and Nathan win the last game at Parking Lot Park

Sarah and Nathan on a couple early runs hold off Eddie and Alex for a win in the Parks final game.

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