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Pike League: The Epic Struggle

Angus, Peter and Nathan played to a 3-0-1 score in the second inning of a three-side game before getting shut down.

It was already going to be a tough day. For the first time in its history, the Pike League had to play with a severly limited compliment. Unfortunately, it will not be the last time.

Angus got of to a good start with one run in the first (walk, walk, double) and two in the second (walk, home run) to take an early lead. Nathan was coming back in the second when the unthinkable happened: the game was shut down.

      1  2     R
A     1  2     3
P     0  0     0
N     0  1+    1+

The game was shut down because of heightened levels of poppycock emanating from the building at 860 Winter.

The Pike League Commissioners will be contacting the source of the poppycock to determine if a reasonable poppycock reduction program can be initiated or if some other solution to the poppycock epidemic can be arranged. Until then, the location of future Pike League games is TBA.

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