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Mano-a-mano at Chester Field

Gus beat Clem in the first two games, 10-1 and 9-5, but Clem won the last game 1-0.

Clem got of to a strong start in the first game with a homer in the top of the first. He held on to a 1-0 lead through 3, then Gus got started and didn't stop, punishing high and inside junk over the fence in left, and capping the scoring with a Granny.

In the second game Clem got of to an early lead with a homer in the top of the first. Again. Gus continued to be hot from the plate, scoring in every inning through the fourth and pushing the leaf to 9-2 with another Granny.

At that point momentum shifted. Gus started taking at bats hitting lefty and from that point on he was cold from both sides of the plate. Gus was able to hold on for the victory as Clem got runs in the 6th and 7th.

In the final game of the evening Clem went deep with the first pitch he saw and that turned out to be enough to win.

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Tape Measure Shots

Posted by BigSloppy at 2006-08-08 01:55 PM
Hammy's article failed to mention that Big Sloppy set distance records to both dead center and right fields. The opposite field home run was one of the longest in the history of Chester Field.

Hammy also declined to report that Big Sloppy was pitching lefty in the first game.
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