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Walk-Off at The Lot

Angus, John, and Alex pushed a 3rd inning error past Nathan and Peter to walk off with the victory, 3-2.

It was a tight game for The Lot, with no long balls, not even an extra-base hit. The game was scoreless after the first with scattered baserunners. Things got heated up in the bottom of the second, when Alex displayed his trademark patience, loaded up the bases, and proceeded to force in two runs with walks.

      1  2  3     R
NP    0  0  2     2
AJA   0  2  1     3

Peter then got out of the jam in the second with a neat double play on a squibber down the right foul line. Nathan carried the momentum into the top of the third and put together a combination of walks, singles, and an error by Angus to load the bases and score two runs. The rally ran out of gas and they went into the bottom of the third tied at two runs apiece.

A notable play was Nathan's deep shot to center that got caught up in the jet stream to the point that Angus was able to make a play on it. Without the strong wind coming in from straight center, that ball was long gone.

Angus led off the bottom of the inning with a walk, and then could not lay off the high heat and went down swinging. John then put in a gutsy at-bat, working walks on his first two batters.

Bases loaded, bottom of the third (past the time limit), one out. New batter. Nathan on the mound. Delivers ... Swing ...

It's a bouncing ball to right. Nathan's chasing. He reaches ... he bobbled it! The winning run crosses the plate and the game is over! John delivers in the bottom of the third.

It was not a high scoring game, but it was a good one.

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