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The Righties Strike Back

Peter and Angus got ahead early to beat Nathan and Alex, 10-4, on Lefty Day at The Lot.

Long story short: although they had both the short right field porch and home field advantage, Nathan and Alex could not bring home the win.

      1  2  3      R
PA    8  0  2     10
NA    4  0  0      4

Peter and Angus had a huge inning in the top of the first as Nathan had control problems and resorted to Townie Ball Eefus pitches in order to get it over the plate.

"The walks hurt me too much," Nathan remarked in the middle of the first, "I'd rather put it over the plate."

We wonder if he'll come back with that theory again next week, as it resulted in a string of triples and doubles to left, with a few singles to right to keep them honest.

Nathan and Alex made up a fair bit of ground in the bottom of the inning, with Alex's trademark patience at the plate moving the runners around. The inning ended on a controversial strike call on a ball low and inside. Strangely, Nathan and Alex did not invoke the "Possession Arrow" rule, which would have forced the dispute to be resolved in their favor as they were the home team.

The second was mostly quiet with scattered baserunners and some good defensive plays.

In the top of the third Nathan came to the mound again and came right out with a townie ball, which Peter promptly spanked 20' over the left field home run line. They got another insurance run, and then Peter came in for the save attempt.

There are no guarantees with Nathan at the plate on Lefty Day, and Alex, who leads the league in RBIs by a large amount. However, 6 runs is a hefty deficit and Peter challenged both of them from the outset. After two early baserunners he got Nathan to pop foul and Alex to strike out looking on six pitches.

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