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Putney 2006: The Catch

Glen, Clem and Jake took home the trophy after a day of hard fought games against Gus, Cody and Todd at Putney Hole.
Putney Hill 2006 (11 photos in album)

Putney Hole was ready for its debut event in the '06 season. With The Hole, a 60% dropoff from shallow right out to center, and the garden in left, it was clear that pitching was a key to the game. Both teams were ready with their best pitching of the season.

The home team took the first game, 6-3. Clem homered to center in the second to make it 1-0. Gus tied it up in the top of the third with a line shot to left. Jake countered with a homer in the bottom of the inning to make it 3-1, and the home team never lost the lead after that.

      1  2  3  4  5  6  7     R
ACT   0  0  1  0  2  0  0     3
GCJ   0  1  2  2  1  0  x     6

The second game was a potential trophy game. Clem got out of trouble in the second with a key double play. He followed to put his team on the scoreboard with a pair of doubles in the bottom of the inning, 1-0. At that point, the visitors somehow lost a half an inning. The league office refused to comment on the ruling, stating only that they could not comment on active investigations.

Angus tied it up in the top of the fourth with an opposite field home run, 1-1 after four. The pitching was on fire for most of the day, and this game was no exception. In the bottom of the fifth, Glen went to work with walks and singles, then cracked a 3-run homer to make the score 4-1, the final. The championship was in hand.

      1  2  3  4  5  6     R
ACT   0  0  x  1  0  0     1
GCJ   0  1  0  0  3  x     4

After a break, game three was negotiated and the trophy was back in play. Due to weather and requests from the league owners that might shorten the length of the game, it was agreed that the trophy game would need to be at least three innings long in order to be a sanctioned event.

After Cody walked a man on in the top of the first, Todd walked another batter on and then drilled a 3-run home run to left. Angus followed with a homer to right, 4-0 after one, and the bats had arrived for the visitors.

Jake answered in the bottom of the inning with a disputed stop single to make the score 4-1. Jake took full advantage of the second chance on the next pitch, hitting a grand slam to left to make the score 5-4.

Todd came right back in the top of the second with a 3-run homer to left to make the score 7-5. After a few innings of great pitching and defense, it was still 7-5 going into the bottom of the fourth. Jake hit a two run home run to make the core 7-7. He then got another single to put the winning run on first.

Jake at the plate, Cody on the mound. Todd in right, Gus in center. The pitch.

Swing ... it's a drive to deep right center, way back,

Gus is on the move ... near the wall ... he leaps.

He's gone over the edge into The Hole ... tumbling ...


Inning over.

      1  2  3  4     R
CTA   4  3  0  0     7
GCJ   5  0  0  2     7

The game was called after the fourth as word came down from the league owners. As it was a tie, game two was decided to be the trophy game.

Gus is reported to be day-to-day after sustaining multiple wasp stings when climbing out of The Hole at the end of game three.

With 7 RBI's in game three, Jake was awarded the Chape Trophy for Distinguished Play, which will now be known as the Jake Trophy for Distinguished Play.

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The Greatest Catch In COTW History

Posted by GAR at 2006-09-11 03:57 PM
THE CATCH: It may be a very long time until we see a play of this magnitude repeated or surpassed in any future COTW event, be it bp, sanctioned or un-sanctioned.

What can only be described as astounding, there were several factors that contributed to the elevated status of this play. Witnessing the play from home plate, Gus tracked the ball with a laser-like focus and no regard for personal safety. The play was destined to be a home run, yet as such, remained unresolved as Gus vanished into the abyss, closing in on the ball.

Upon reaching the point in deep center where Gus descended from the field of play, he was found 10 feet below, buried in the weeds, appearing disheveled and trodden, yet clutching the ball on the steep rudded incline. It was official, for those who witnessed it, it was the undisputed greatest COTW catch to date and destined for the record books.

What transpired next is reminiscent of a clip from 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. Ascending the slope back to the field of play, Gus proceeded to be attacked by a wave of angry hornets, whose home he ruthlessly trampled on his way to making COTW history. The hornets closed in and attacked, sending Gus scrambling up the slope and onto to the field of play, swatting at several real and many more imaginary assailants. Multiple wasps exacted their revenge, most notably targeting the middle finger of the pitching hand.

In light of the injury, it remains unknown whether Gus will be the pitcher he once was, delivering such deadly pitches as the MELSY (Make 'Em Look Silly) and the 10-4 curve.

Regardless of the ramifications, THE CATCH will go down in the COTW annals as one of the greatest ever.

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