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Grass Grows, Birds Fly, Waves Pound The Sand: 6-4

Angus, Alex and Dow took it to the last at bat to beat Peter, Nathan and Scott, 6-4, on Lefty Day at The Lot.

Makes me happy just thinking about this game.

The game started slowly. In the top of the first Nathan displayed his Achilles heel: a complete inability to hit a slider. He can plan on seeing many more of those in the games ahead. In the bottom of the inning, Angus was able to put one across in the first with a triple followed by a single. He couldn't do more than that, though, and the home team rode the 1-0 into the top of the third.

In the top of the third the visitors got on the board. Dow was having some control issues and Nathan and Scott combined on a series of walks and singles to load the bases and put one run over. Then Scott cranked a long double to center which came within two feet of going out of the park. It was instead a long double and scored two to make the score 3-1. Dow went to his bread and butter pitch, the sidearm riser curve, and got out of the inning on three straight pitches. 3-1 after 3.

      1  2  3  4     R
PNS   0  0  3  1     4
AAD   1  0  0  5     6

In the top of the fourth, Angus got into some big control problems and made a mental mistake in trying to field a grounder that he should have let go through to his fielders. Peter took advantage to load the bases and put one over making the score 4-1. Nathan could not convert as he struggled to make contact with the slider. The score was 4-1 heading into the bottom of the 4th.

It was up to Angus and Alex with Angus getting the first cuts. Peter on the mound for the visitors. Peter has taken the QP to the next level in the Pike League, almost to a Nick-like QP-on-every-pitch, but not yet. Angus came out swinging and drove the first pitch into the gap for a long triple. Peter came right back and got the grounder, but could not hold onto it and let up the dirty single. 4-2, man on first.

Single to center. 4-2, first and second.

Dirty single to the mound. 4-2, bases loaded.

Hard liner, dirty single to left. 4-3, bases loaded. With Alex on deck, we know we've got them on the ropes at this point.

The pitch. Hard shot down the line in left! Three runners score on the walk-off triple! Final: 6-4.

I can still hear the roar of the crowd ...

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Last modified 2006-10-13 11:51 AM

tainted win?

Posted by nathan at 2006-10-13 11:01 AM
The league has launched an investigation after receiving an anoynmous tip that the winning team was pitching with 39's ( balls from the dead ball era ) and batting with 49's ( "juiced" balls ). When asked to comment, the league spokesman Tony Objective responded with "It looks like a classic case of Rosie Ruiz...a team comes out of nowhere to take the victory at the last second. Draw your own conclusions."
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