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Opening Day 2007: It's An Easy Game If You Play It Right

The Rockingham County Rehabs, Glen and Gus, beat Scott, Clem (and Joe) 8-4 in the title game on Saturday.

Glen struck out Clem, looking, at 11:45 pm on Saturday. Gus came over to give a high-five for the victory. A very restrained celebration, as both were not sure they had actually done it, had actually sealed the win, and were bringing the trophy back to its ancestral home in Rockingham County.

A hard-fought win from a hard-fighting team. It was a classic final game to cap off 10 hours of wiffle from a pool of players that included, in order of appearance, Clem, Gus, Glen, Chape, LBJ, Jake, Joe, Scott, and Benny. The Putney Park grounds crew had been working around the clock to make sure the field was in tip-top shape. 3600 Watts of high-powered halogen was on hand to light the field when the sun went down.

The title game started a bit after 10 pm. At that point in the night even the most dominant pitchers come down to earth. Glen and Gus were able to get out to an early lead, and then put the game away after Scott and Clem came back to tie it. The only highlight I remember was a rare two-pitch inning by Gus, which is close to a miracle considering his performance earlier in the day.

In the previous game Gus had posted an incredible 12-run disgrace of an inning, not being able to throw a strike, any strike. He might as well have been pitching underhand, or have had the other team hit off a T.


The Rockingham Rehabs are a team that do not give up. They've been around, have put their time in, and are longer in the tooth than most in the league. After digging a 12-0 hole for themselves, they know there is only one way out: keep digging.

They fought back, cutting the lead to 12-11, before Gus gave up a peskian rinky-dink three-run homer to one-armed Joe which put the game out of reach, losing the game 17-11.

Earlier in the day there were problems getting a complete game in as the new daddy's were busy being exemplary parents. LBJ took home the MVP (in the contemporary understanding of the term), with Jake being a close second.

Some early game highlights included serious pitching prowess by Glen, Scott and Jake, long balls hit by Clem, Chape, and Benny, and typical stalwart fielding by Chape.

Note: The details recorded in this account, beyond the possession of the trophy, may be incomplete or innacurate ...

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