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Pike League Puissance: 10-0

Angus and Nathan blasted Alex and Sarah, 10-0, on Righty Day at The Lot.
      1   2   3   4      R
AN    2   6   0   2     10
AS    0   0   0   0      0

Angus and Nathan got two in the first, starting with a walk by Angus and a string of walks and singles by Nathan. In the second Angus put together a double with a run of walks and dirties. Nathan followed with more walks, dirties, and a big bases clearing triple to right. When the smoke cleared it was 8-0 after two. Angus added a homer to left in the 4th and Nathan chimed in with a triple-double combo to cap the scoring at 10-0.

Created by adm
Last modified 2007-06-21 11:31 AM

Fair and Balanced

Posted by alex at 2007-06-21 12:46 PM
In the interest of full disclosure, the reporter should mention that he's employed by the owner of the winning team. The real story goes like this: Sarah and Alex were thrown off-balance psychologically by some dirty play and some dubious claims about where the un-marked bounds of the field lay.

The highlight of the game was when Nathan brilliantly reached out to grab a ball that was surely a strike, saving himself from getting behind in the count and allowing him to bat in a run.

Also in the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is employed by the "Sour Grapes" division of Hart-Bingham Enterprises, owner of the losing team.

not ringing a bell

Posted by nathan at 2007-06-21 03:32 PM
was the previous poster at the same game that I was at?

Fear and Loathing

Posted by SAB at 2007-06-21 04:55 PM
Nathan, valedictorian of the A-Rod school of "bat it down" and, Angus "wild thing" Madden, certainly ran away with this game. The reporter did, however, conveniently forget to mention that Sarah became severely disabled after being repeatedly hit by the pitcher, including one intentional pitch to the head. The results of her MRI remain inconclusive.

Special Olympics of Wiffleball?

Posted by adm at 2007-06-22 10:17 AM
This reporter may have indeed been confused about the game. Apparently we were we competing in a game against the mentally and physically feeble and should have played in such a way so as not to discourage the special players on the opposing team. Lesson learned.
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