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Merrimack Smacks Rockingham: 8-4

Joe earned the All Star Game MVP with a performance unlike any seen before to lead Merrimack to victory over Rockingham, 8-4, in extra innings.
All Star Game 2007 (9 photos in album)

It was a matchup that lived up to the hype. Intense negotiations and off-the-field dealing set up one of the most anticipated matchups in Championship League history. Merrimack came in to town to take the title from defending champion Rockingham in a one-game, winner take all title bout.

Rockingham had been a heavy favorite in the months leading up to the match, based on the nasty stuff of their ace, Glen. However, the odds re-aligned when Merrimack announced that their triple-threat terror Jake would be available for the game.

As it turned out, an unlikely hero stole the show. Joe stymied the opposition with his full extension pitching mechanics and then won the title with his one-armed tomahawk swing, taking home the MVP and the trophy.

The title game was tied 2-2 after seven. Definitely a game dominated by pitching and defense. In the top of the eighth Joe came to the plate and was able to put three men on with two errors and a short pop-up that just squeeked out of the box. When he had loaded the bases he got a hold of one and sent a liner to deep left, a grand slam, putting his team ahead 6-2. After a pitching change, Merrimack was able to get two more in, making it 8-2 going into the bottom of the 8th.

Glen put together a solid effort in the bottom of the inning, belting a two-run homer to make the score 8-4, but it was not Rockingham's turn. Merrimack claimed the title and Joe was named unanimous MVP. Joe is also a clear favorite for Rookie of the Year honors in the Championship League. His style is unorthodox and had been the subject of much grumbling by other players in the league, but the results speak for themselves.

Earlier in the day, the previous game was called after five innings as Rockingham led 17-15. Highlights included Gus being on the wrong end of an 11-run inning, Clem giving up two grannies in an inning, big hitting by Glen, Clem, Jake and BJ, and some spectacular fielding, including a nice grab on a line shot by Glen and a neat over the shoulder grab by Gus on a deep shot to right center that saved a grand slam.

Chape won a post-game three-side match, beating Glen and Gus 3-1-0.

Plans for the rematch between Rockingham and Merrimack are already being negotiated.

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Great Game

Posted by BigSloppy at 2007-07-30 04:29 PM
Phenomenal game by the Merrimack Maulers... as well as the Rockingham Re-Habs. One bad inning with a couple of seeing-eye singles turned the game. The P-Man was insane, although there was some conversation in the post-game limo ride about some short-term damage to his golden arm. An MRI, CATscan and a colonoscopy have been ordered.

Any news on the new equipment manager? It's tough for a COTW MVP to be out of uniform for his next game... Does Teddy's still have our pattern?
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