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Higher than an Eagle

Glen and Gus brought the trophy back to the Rock on Opening Day, beating Clem, Mondo and LBJ 5-2 in the evening game.
Opening Day 2008 (4 photos in album)

The Midler was on fire. You can't hit it. You can't even make contact. You swing at it, it's a strike. You watch it go by, it's a strike. There is no counter. You're left cold, in the shadow, a step behind.

The Midler is, of course, Glen's devastating 4-10 riser curve. He was on his game and the Midler was shining. It comes in low and then rises higher and higher as if the wind was pushing it up, like it had wings.

Glen, Chape and Gus took the first game 10-9. Chape was injured late in the game on a dive to his right side. He was not able to continue and was scratched for the rest of the day. We have no update on his condition at this time. He immediately went to have an MRI in Concord.

Super-sub Lawrence(?) came into the second game and put on a strong show in a rookie appearance. The second game ended in a 2-2 tie after eight innings.

In the championship game, Glen and Gus got out to an early lead and stayed out in front, winning 5-2 as we were running out of daylight. Glen was the clear hero and brought home the MVP award. The trophy will be on display in Boston throughout the week.

Game Notes: Chapin was playing well until he got injured. The home-grilled steak and cheese subs before the game set a new standard. We hope he will be back in the lineup in time for Chester.

Benny was pounding the ball all day long. Won't be long before he gets the call. He also made a huge play in right to end an inning with two runners in scoring position.

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Chape on 15 Day DL

Posted by BigSloppy at 2008-05-05 09:02 AM
The Chape Dog suffered a slight muscle tear behind his scalpula and will be on strict rest for two weeks before returning to action. He is expected to be out a little bit longer when he has his hysterectomy during the All-Star break.

It was a good game by Hammy and GAR but it should be noted that they sent away their third player before the Championship in an effort to rig the game in their favor by removing an untested rookie from their line-up. We are now formally lodging a protest for unsanctioned roster manipulation and are forced to hold the Championship in custodial care until this matter is resolved by the Executive Committee.

Underhandedness and petty attempts at gamesmanship are a hallmark of any victory involving Hammy but to see GAR soil his until-now spotless image with such banditry is a sad thing to see. Bette Midler would be rolling in her tanning machine.

Great event

Posted by chapejunior at 2008-05-05 09:07 AM
Best home opener ever? The field was beautiful. Glen, thanks for the great effort getting that place minted up. Great job team green for bring the trophy home. As for my shoulder, a tear exists between the shoulder blade and the collar bone. Nothing nearly as bad as I had thought. 2 weeks of rest and beer is all the Doc. diagnosed. The real pain that will stick with me for some time was having Clem knock me out of the contest. Brutal Juice, Brutal. BJ, it's back to BP for Life, BP for Life..................

Grand Slam, Chape

Posted by GAR at 2008-05-05 12:09 PM
Game Notes: Chape Hits a Grand Slam. In Game 1, Chape hit an absolute bomb with the bases loaded to right-center field, easily clearing the top of the roof.
Chape is expected to sign and date the ball, which will be submitted it to the COTW Hall of Fame.

Thanks and ingratiating gratitude...

Posted by mondo at 2008-05-15 12:58 PM
...for the invite and a fantastic day of wiffle par excellence with friends, old and new !!! Fantastic hospitality..... mmmmmm.... Pre-game Steak and Cheese w/ the works, and Margos on the rocks during made for a wonderful day !!!! A bit shoddy on the game reporting, what do you have to do, rob a guy of a homer, going over the fence in left center wearing a borrowed uniform in your Brentwood debut to get a mention in the post game recap ?!?!? Cheese and Crackers !!!! Update on the next sanctioned event please.... and that's MISTER mondo to you clown !!!! The center fielder, #19 Don Juan de Mondo
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