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The Championship of The World

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Blood on the Tracks

Jake, Chape, Clem and Gus took home the trophy in a grueling title match against GAR, Todd and Sean.


  • Joe and Mondo also showed up but were not present for the trophy game. Joe was having control problems and was not his usual dominant self on the mound.
  • GAR hit a granny in the early game, and proceeded to get a warning, yellow card, and had several Youk moments. He left the title game with a severe injury. We have no update at this time. The league is currently reviewing video of his actions, including bottle-throwing, bucket kicking, and other un-GAR-like conduct. We will not speculate on the nature of his injury or on potential fines and suspensions related to his on-field antics on Friday.
  • Sean had a solid rookie showing with at least one two-run blast.
  • Clem took home the MVP after going undefeated on the day, being on the title team and then teaming up with Todd to win the night-cap.
  • Chape hit a monster shot to deep right-center that cleared the parking lot. He is on track to be the first to ever hit the porch at Chester and earn the red dot.
  • Todd took home the gold glove with some incredible plays. The sliding play in foul ground to make the grab as he was closing in on the box will definitely be in the highlight reels.
  • Although GAR was not in his normal game demeanor, his pitching and hitting was indeed GAR-like as he dominated the mound and was getting the job done with the bat all day long.
  • I think the score of the first game was 10-8. Second game was 8-4? Trophy game was never in doubt but I can't remember what the score was. Clem and Todd were up big in the night-cap before it was called.
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Intensity In Ten Cities... or at least in Chestah

Posted by BigSloppy at 2008-06-29 01:17 PM
Great games... GAR's agent Phineas Reardon has not responded to repeated inquiries on the status of his injury. There was serious deliberation after he left as to the underlying factors in his repeated attempts to disrupt the mojo by throwing any and all things within his reach...add lighters and a wayward middle finger or two to the list.

Chape brings home the Weber MVP for his now world famous steak tip and cheese subs. The fuel of champions.
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