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Suspensions Announced After Review of GAR Incident

After an emergency meeting of the Championship League Board the league has handed down fines and a suspension unprecedented in its severity and duration.

In a prepared statement the spokesperson for the Championship League Board announced their action after reviewing video of the GAR incident(s).

"It is with great regret that we reviewed the tapes of the GAR incident of 29 July at Chester. On behalf of the league we would like to apologize to the players, staff, and most importantly, the fans of the Championship League, for the outrageous behavior shown by GAR.

We have reviewed the incidents, including swearing, bat throwing, bucket kicking, bottle throwing, ball squashing, and finger giving, and have discussed them at great length both internally and with representatives from the players' union.

In line with league guidelines and under the authority of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, we have decided that nothing less than the maximum penalty applies.

GAR has been fined $3.99 and will be forced to serve a suspension of no less than seven minutes at the next championship event."

The spokesperson did not take questions at the end of the statement. It was unclear if the suspension would take place after GAR's return from the disabled list or if it could be served at the same time.

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Posted by GAR at 2008-07-02 10:58 PM
Let this note serve as an official appeal to the suspension handed down this week by the Championship League Board. It seems my lapse in any measurable form of acceptible behavior will be costly. Although, I freely admit smashing and throwing things is really, really fun. I would like The Board to consider my commitment and positive contributions to the COTW since its inception in the summer of 2005. The only true anger exhibited was after the injury occured, suffering a torn calf, I knew instantly I was toast for a few months and needed to leave the event immediately. Any questionable behavior up to this point in the day was neither malicious or malevolent. The thought of missing 7 minutes in any COTW game is penalty enough. We all know, ALOT can happen in 7 minutes, ALOT indeed. I am sure I will not be the first COTW member that will pay $3.99 for 7 minutes.
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