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Scott Victorious in Bunkhouse League Opener

Scott hit the long balls in the start of the PEI Summer Ball season. The score was Benny, Scott, Gus: 7-8-5 in the inaugural game at Inland Field at Bothwell.

The first field to be completed at the Beach Club at Bothwell was Inland Field, with a wide-open pitch and great views of South Lake and points North and East.

The game started with the wind blowing in and shut down all scoring in the early innings. After the third the wind calmed and the scoring picked up, with Scott getting out to a 4-0 start.

Gus quickly followed with a burst of power, taking advantage of the short line in the left corner and then pounding some shots to deep left to jump ahead 0-4-5.

Benny got on the board with some blasts to deep left center, and then Scott had another huge inning and final score was 7-8-5.

The only thing that kept the score down was defensive adjustments, with Scott and Gus making huge catches in deep left to rob each other of surefire monster home runs. There is a lot of room past the home run lines at Inland Field, and you need to cover a lot of ground to stay in the game.

Notable events for the historical record of Inland Field at Bothwell:

  • First Hit: Gus
  • First DP: Benny
  • First HR: Gus
  • First Victory: Scott

The firm of Madden, Heintz, Heintz and Stroh did a magnificent job on the field design. The Bothwell Master Plan includes three more fields: The Ocean Course, The Lane, and The Front Pitch.

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All Field Designs Must Be Approved By House Owners

Posted by BigSloppy at 2008-07-05 02:38 PM
It is very well appreciated that Heintz, Heintz and Stroh are interested in furthering the playing fields in the Bunkhouse League but all field designs are to be approved by the House Owners at the Bothwell house- at some point in the next decade.

Also, as previously stated in a side email "The Beach Club at Bothwell" better die a quick death. That name sucks.
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