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Putney 2009

Kyle and Gus upset Clem and Glen (and later Eli) at Putney.
It was damn hot, so I can't remember much. I do remember getting pounded in the warm-up 1v1v1 game. After that, Kyle showed up and the game was on.

Kyle made an incredible catch to save the first game as he crashed into the left field foul pole, saving a three-run home run. After a 90-minute injury delay the game resumed and Kyle and Gus went on to a convincing 10-5 victory, stringing together several 1-2 innings that required less than 10 pitches.

Glen and Clem weren't satisfied of course, so they came back for more. Eli was called up for the game and although Eli provided the majority of their offense, it would not be enough as Kyle and Gus won again, 7-6, in one of the most convincing victories in a sanctioned event since the beginning of the COTW.

MVP: Kyle.
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Fantasy Hockey League Drafting tonight

Posted by mondo at 2009-09-30 10:46 AM
Good fun, good group of guys, need owners.... live draft at 9PM EST... hoping some of you will join the league....
Gus, Clem, Gar, Chape..... Bueller ??? Feel free to pass on to someone who might be interested

Gus, any word on the VT invitational ? Is there a COTW World Series event?

Orleans just rolled over.... mondo to the rescue.... !!!

peace, mondo

P.S. e-mail me at, if you are interested.... League must fill by 8PM to draft at 9 PM tonight !!!
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